The DéMars Team

Our team is mostly made up of inter-African migrants (and a few digital nomads). So we are solving problems we encounter on a day to day basis. The management team is based on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius. The financial services gateway to Sub-Saharan Africa.

Shaun – Colour Head Shot

Shaun Burrow - CEO

Shaun began his retail financial services career in London with a multi national banking group. Before returning home to Cape Town to grow an offshore banking business for a large South African bank. After graduating from the corporate world, he has gone on to found, build and manage a number of innovative financial services business.  He has three exits under his belt. In peer to peer and asset backed lending, insurance and asset management. His first forays into blockchain technology were in bitcoin payment processing.

Yann is a Mauritian software executive, who was raised in Paris and Hong Kong, before moving to Australia in his teens to completed his tertiary education. Thereafter he spent over ten years managing software development teams in Aus, before moving back home to Mauritius where he established ServiQual, a successful Mauritian IT company.


Yann de Ravel - CTO

Lindsay Luppnow - Legal Counsel

Originally from Queenstown in the rural Eastern Cape province of South Africa. Lindsay completed her law degree at Rhodes University in Grahamstown before training and practicing in Cape Town. Lindsay publishes regularly on blockchain and crypto related topics and provides legal consulting services to a number of well known fintech businesses.

A former Managing Director at Standard Chartered Bank. Where he launched some of Asia’s largest custody and cash businesses. Barney heads the Value Exchange, through which he delivers #GoodStart. A podcast focussed on how Blockchain is making a difference for good.


Barnaby Nelson - Advisor

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