A Stellar Mobile Wallet App

We've released an Android Stellar mobile wallet app, pre-loaded with some of our native assets and soon to be launched assets. South African Rands (ZAR), DéMars Coins (DMC), US Dollars (USD) and Zim Dollars (RTGS).

These assets can easily be added to your account and traded on the Stellar Decentralised Exchange, within the App.

Get Started and download the DMC App Here

A South African Rand (ZAR) Anchor

An Anchor is an entity on the Stellar network which is trusted to take deposits and issue credit onto the network. All Anchored Rands are 100% backed by deposits in secure South African banks.

You may deposit and withdraw Rands via the DMC App. If you are an iPhone user or you prefer a desktop wallet, please contact our OTC desk.

Our development roadmap

We are focused on delivering desktop and iOs Apps, building regulated Anchors throughout Africa and integrative these Anchors with spend, pay-in and pay-out partners.