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Only 1% per exchange

No minimum sum

No bank account required

Transact from your phone

Download the DMC App & create an account

Deposit Rand

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We’re building regulated Stellar Anchors in South Africa and Mauritius.

Transferring money back home, from South Africa, is extremely expensive. At an average cost of over 13% on a $55 payment.
With the DMC App you can cut those fees to only 2%. So more of your hard earned money gets to those who need it the most.
The DMC App leverages the Stellar Network and will shortly be operating a South African Rand (ZAR) Anchor and an offshore Anchor in Mauritius.
An Anchor is an entity people trust to hold their deposits and issue credits. These credits or Crypto Assets are instantly transferrable to anyone on the network, anywhere in the world. Perfect money to send home.
Load your wallet with South African Rands (ZAR). We’ll match them with Crypto RAND Assets. One to one.
Use your Crypto RAND to instantly transfer money to your family member’s DMC App. 100% secure – you are the only one who has a PIN.
Your beneficiary can then covert the RAND to mobile money, like USD Ecocash. No need to pick up the notes a couple of days later and then get charged fees again to top up your mobile money account.
We value your time and money. No more standing in queues. No more high fees. 
Our ultimate goal is to support direct payments for essentials like school fees, medical bills and groceries for the family back home. We’re working hard on making this a reality.

Saving you precious time & money.