DéMars Coins (DMC)

Earn & Spend

Users may earn up to 20%* of their fees back in DéMars Coins (DMC). Those fees incurred when they withdraw Digital Assets for fiat cash.

Because every cent counts.

We envisage that DMC may be in future be redeemed at any merchants accepting Stellar Network Assets e.g. Nigerian Naira Tethered (NGNT).

Use of the Rebate

From the initial distribution of DMC, eighty percent of the proceeds received will be deposited in the collateral account. The balance of which will be made public on our website and independently audited each year.

Twenty percent of the fee rebate is to be deposited in the DéMars Project regulatory capital and software development account. These funds will be used as regulatory capital for the various licenses we require and will contribute towards the development of our Stellar wallet applications and the integration of our Anchors with regulated “pay-in” and “pay-out” partners. Banks, mobile money companies and merchant processing companies, to name but a few.