Adding DéMars Coins to a 3rd Party Wallet

If you use a non-DMC wallet, here is a short guide on how to add DéMars Coins to your wallet.

To start, you’ll need two things:

1 – The asset short code

2 – The issuing account number

For DéMars Coins, they are as follows:

1 – Asset short code: DMC


Then navigate to the “add asset” feature within your wallet.

Enter the short code and issuing address.

Executing the transaction will establish a trustline between the issuing account and your wallet account.

This will enable you to send, receive or exchange the DMC asset.

Note that for this operation, 0.5 Lumens are held in reserve. So ensure you have at least 2 lumens in your account before you try to add additional assets.


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