A Proper Money Experiment

Money is simply a means of exchange for goods and services.

It saves us from bartering with each other.

Commodities have been used as money for centuries. Gold, copper, shells, livestock, the list goes on and on. Only in the last half century or so, has money not been some kind of commodity or at the very least backed, or semi-backed by a commodity.

Generally speaking, in order to qualify as “Money”, an Asset needs to be:

1 – A store of value
2 – A unit of account
3 – Portable and divisible


Fiat currencies are a poor store of value. Especially in emerging and frontier economies. Where central bank over issuances, fiscal ill discipline and currency controls regularly create inflationary environments.

The poor mostly build up their savings in fiat currencies.  As inflation proof assets, like property and stocks, are beyond their reach. As a result, their savings are often dissipated by inflationary pressures.

This may be very well be one of the reasons the gap between the haves and have-nots continues to grow.

How do with solve this?

Some may say with programmed money like Bitcoin.

DéMars  has taken a different approach to the problem. We’ve partially followed the recommendations of the Nobel winning Austrian economist Friedrich Hayek in his work, the Denationalisation of Money.

Where Hayek suggests that the best form of money is “stable” and “commodity back”.

Which leads us to our experimental “money”, DéMars coins, or DMC for short.

1 – DMC is Asset Backed and thus a store of value.
2 – Similarly, as an Asset on the Stellar network, it’s a unit of account on a decentralised ledger.
3 – As a cryptographically secure Digital Asset, it’s portable and divisible.
Proper money?

We think so.

Let’s cover the details below:

Store of Value

DéMars have capped the first issue at 200 Million coins. Distribution at 100 Million and allocated an issue price of between 0.8 Stellar Lumens (XLM) and 1 XLM.

(0.07 USD to 0.09 USD at the time of writing).

DMC Coins may only be exchanged for another Digital Asset and are never “created”. As a result, no new money is being issued.

Eighty percent of the exchanged funds will be deposited in the collateral account.  The balance is to be deposited in the regulatory capital and development account.


The collateral funds received will be invested in the Wisdom Tree All Commodities ETC.

A cost effective and liquid vehicle, whose US Dollar price has been relatively stable for the past three years.

In time, we wish to issue a similar security on the Stellar network.  Which will automate the collateralization process, reduce fees and make the underlying collateral tradable within the network too.


DMC may only be exchange for other Stellar network assets on the Stellar DEX. Users of DéMars Apps and Anchors (fiat/digital exchange) may also earn DMC as cashback rewards.

The Reward

A percentage of all DMC App and Anchor fees paid by Users will always be paid back as DMC to the User as a reward. The rewards schedule reduces over time, but will never be less than 5% of all fees paid.

Want to participate?

You can find further info over  here.

In Conclusion

Money has already been de-nationalised. Bitcoin and the host of other altcoins has seen to that. So now is an exciting time, as people transition to different forms of money. However it will most certainly take a long time to engender trust in such a solution. The number of users of cryptocurrencies throughout the world is still minuscule and very few people “get it”. The user experience and economics still aren’t right – for there to be large-scale use and acceptance.  As such, further experimentation is most certainly required.



DMC Digital Assets are being exchanged by DéMars Limited, a Seychelles limited company.  Through it is DéMars’s intention to convert this to a not for profit foundation. As soon as it is financially viable to do so.  Note that DéMars coins are not a collective investment scheme and this issue is purely an experiment, whereby existing digital assets are being exchanged.

DMC is not legal tender, nor are the assets they are being exchanged with. This post is in now way a solicitation for investment nor may it be construed as investment advice. Investments in Digital Assets are high risk and may result in total capital loss.


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