Instant Cross Border Value Transfers

DéMars is focussed on enabling instant cross border micropayments within and to Africa. Primarily for inter-African migrants and the diaspora.

We’re making it possible to send less than $10 back home, in real time. At an all in cost of no more than 1%.

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Towards a Financially Inclusive Africa

Cross border payments between, to and from, countries on the African continent are the most expensive in the world. With more people migrating within the African continent than from it. Who often they don’t have enough money to send home as they can’t meet the minimum payment thresholds and fees set by money transfer operators.

DéMars is solving this problem by building and connecting Digital Asset issuers across the continent. Thereby enabling migrants to instantly send money home, not matter how small the sum. Because this money may be the difference between their family having a meal or not.