Redefining Mobile Money

DéMars - fast, safe and easy peer-to-peer money transfers

Hardworking people pay the price

Remittances to and within developing regions like Sub-Saharan Africa are the most expensive in the world

The unbanked are often taken advantage of and are charged fees as high as 20% to transfer their money back home to their families

Approximately 1.7 billion adults remain unbanked, which means that they are without an account at a financial institution or through a mobile money provider

Immigrants around the globe send close to $445 Billion a year back home at a cost of approximately 10% per transfer

Why DéMars is the solution

Bye Bye Bank

Funds are held securely in a wallet on the user's mobile phone, eliminating the need for a bank account.

Hello Speed & Security

Our network can process thousands of transactions per second with a secure, decentralised validation system, as it runs on mobile phone nodes.

Bye Bye High Fees

A small fixed fee of 1 DM Cent is charged for transactions, to protect the network against spammers.

Hello Community

Trade within the local community by placing an advert on a smart contract to exchange cash, goods or services online or offline.

Bye Bye Exchanges

Exchange cash, goods or services on a peer-to-peer basis with geo locations and algorithmic trust scores.

Hello Mobile

Our App requires close to zero battery energy and bandwidth to operate and process transactions.

The Technology behind DéMars

DéMars is a structured, peer-to-peer distributed computer network. It is a Byzantine fault tolerant blockchain which uses network segments to reduce the storage and network transfer costs, thereby enabling it to execute on mobile nodes.

Our focus is on reducing the amount of data being transferred within the network whilst at the same time ensuring a high level of cryptographic security. This will solve a number of the speed and scalability issues associated with decentralized networks.

The infrastructure is perfect for mobile phone executed micro-currency exchanges and merchant payments. By adding "smart contract" functionality on a local classifieds network, the technology may be extended to all informal trades in goods and services in addition to micro-lending, savings and insurance contracts.

Meet the Team

The DéMars blockchain network is being developed on the Indian Ocean Islands of Mauritius & the Seychelles, the financial gateway to Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

Shaun Burrow

Founder & CEO

Arun Raj

Head of Distributed Ledger Technology

Lindsay Luppnow

Head of Legal & Compliance

Komal Gungah

Head of Projects & Marketing

Marno Roux

Penetration Tester & Software Developer

Lomeus Cloete

Software Engineer

Yann De Ravel


Nini Moru

Community Leader Lesotho

Joseph Samwel Kaaya

Community Leader Tanzania

Lum neh Angela

Community Leader Cameroon

Calvin Ebun-Amu

Community Leader Nigeria

Road Map

December 2017
March Hare & Co Ltd established in Mauritius
August 2018
Delivery of the Alpha Network and ABCI Testnet
June 2019
Delivery of the Beta Mobile App and live rollout of the remittance solution
in South Africa and Zimbabwe
January 2020
Smart contract implementation & 3rd party developer support
June 2020
Additional language support and rollout to the rest of Africa and Europe

Network Testers

We are looking for individuals and businesses who wish to become early adopters!

In the News

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