Mobile Cryptocurrency

A new blockchain network & protocol. Connecting digital asset exchanges & legacy banking systems via a merchant processing solution.

Spend, Transfer and Exchange - On Your Phone

A structured computer network, with local zones so you can find your peers faster.

Our unique blockchain protocol with a decentralised application engine, on which Apps in any language may be written.

Our web application is designed for use by our mobile money & merchant partners.

A mobile application for our users to send, receive, buy or spend DMC.

Why We Need DMC

Bye Bye Bank

There is no bank risk. Funds are never held with a bank and no bank account is necessary.

Hello Speed & Security

Our network uses 80% less data than most other Cryptos, resulting is microsecond transaction speeds.

Bye Bye High Fees

The price is stable and fees are fixed and transparent. 1 DMC ($0.01) for peer to peer exchanges and 1% for DMC to other digital assets and fiat cash. .

Hello Community

Trade peer to peer within your community by placing an advert on a smart contract to exchange cash, goods or services.

Bye Bye Exchanges

You can buy, sell or spend DMC without using an exchange. Trade peer to peer within the protocol or buy and spend via merchant partners.

Hello Mobile

Anyone can access the network, all you need is a phone. As the ledger is distributed on mobile phones it is private and free from censorship too.

Our Journey & Vision

Fees to transfer money and make payments are too high. Banks are difficult to deal with and there is no easy way to transfer money abroad and buy online, using only your phone. This is especially true for those without access to the formal banking system.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin allow you to transfer money anywhere in the world, fairly quickly, but they are limited and difficult to buy, spend and use. To compound matters, when we use Cryptos on mobile phones, the transactions and applications use a lot of mobile data, which in certain countries is very expensive and add another layer of costs.

Our approach to these problems was first to reduce the amount of data being transferred within the network, whilst at the same time ensuring a high level of cryptographic security. This resulting in the team inadvertently solving a number of the speed and scalability issues associated with Cryptocurrencies and other digital assets.

Thereafter it was simply a matter of designing a Crypto which is easy to understand, stable and can seamlessly be bought, spent and exchanged.

Our initial focus is on cross border and merchant payments in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is an extremely large market with approximately $40 billion being received in remittances each year and over there are 350 million under and unbanked adults on the continent. Smartphone usage and penetration is exploding, however networks remained constrained.So a data lite Crypto like DMC has the potential to revolutionize how financial services are delivered in Sub-Saharan Africa and other emerging markets.

Meet the Team

The DéMars blockchain network is being developed on the Indian Ocean Islands of Mauritius & the Seychelles, the financial gateway to Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

Shaun Burrow

Founder & CEO

Arun Raj

Head of Distributed Ledger Technology

Lindsay Luppnow

Head of Legal & Compliance

Komal Gungah

Head of Projects & Marketing

Marno Roux

Software Engineer & Security Expert

Lomeus Cloete

Software Engineer & Integration Expert

Yann De Ravel

Chief Technology Officer

Nini Moru

Community Leader Lesotho

Joseph Samwel Kaaya

Community Leader Tanzania

Calvin Ebun-Amu

Community Leader Nigeria

Delphy Shai

Community Leader South Africa

Road Map

December 2017
Foundering team establish concept on the island of Mauritius
August 2018
Delivery of the Alpha Network and ABCI Testnet
June 2019
Delivery of the Beta Mobile App and live rollout of the remittance solution
in South Africa and Zimbabwe
January 2020
Smart contract implementation & 3rd party developer support
June 2020
Additional language support and rollout to the rest of Africa and Europe

The Tokenomics

10 Billion DMC will ultimately be minted and distributed via regulated entities, for use as a signalling tool and unit of account within the DéMars ledger. The price will initially be pegged to the USD, at 1 DMC for $0.01, backed by a regulated pool of diversified assets.

20% Discount

2.5% of the total issue, 250 Million DMC, is currently being pre-sold, at a 20% discount to par. The proceeds of the sale, $2 Million will be used to complete the software development, grow market traction and provide a regulatory capital cushion.

Another reason for this sale is to create nodes in the network. As such, we encourage interested users to purchase small batches of DMC.

In the News

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